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Underwater Photography Courses

Taking the guesswork out of your underwater photography journey!


Whether you are just about to buy your first camera and have no idea where to start, use a compact camera; or are a seasoned underwater photographer looking to improve your skills or learn a new technique, we’re here for you!

Underwater Photography Workshops in Gordon’s Bay, Cape Town, South Africa

We offer very hands-on, informative and interactive workshops at Indigo Scuba in Gordon’s Bay. As there is an indoor heated swimming pool at Indigo Scuba, we can also practice our skills in the pool. We can also go diving and review your photos afterwards!

One-on-One Training

We also offer one-on-one training and image review to help solve any problems you might be encountering in your underwater photography journey.

Online Underwater Photography Workshops

All our courses are available online via Zoom. The number of attendees per course is limited to 10, to ensure everyone gets the time to ask questions.

Underwater Photography Charters and Dive Trips

We also offer group dive trips with a focus on underwater photography. 

we offer the following underwater photography courses

Olympus TG Underwater Photography Course

Mastering your Olympus TG Camera

Be the Boss of your Olympus TG by learning the right settings for your camera, and the settings you need for different lighting and underwater photography scenarios.

Beginner underwater photography course

beginner underwater photography course

Equipment needed; how to use the manual settings, types of lighting and how to use them, an introduction to macro and wide angle photography, composition and camera care.

Lighting for Underwater Photography Course

Underwater Lighting 101

Everything you need to know about using ambient light, torches and strobes for both macro and wide angle underwater photography. Suitable for all camera types.

Macro Underwater Photography Course

Macro Underwater Photography

Everything you need to know about taking great macro shots, including equipment needed, lenses, diopters, settings, composition and lighting. Suitable for all camera types.

Wide Angle Underwater Photography Course

Wide Angle Underwater Photography

Everything you need to know about wide angle underwater photography, including equipment options, lenses, settings, composition and lighting. Suitable for all camera types.

Creative Underwater Photography Techniques Course

Creative Underwater Photo Techniques

Fun and beautiful techniques to add interest and creativity to your images. Suitable for all camera types.

Snoot lighting underwater Photography course

Snoot Lighting

How to use a snoot. Suitable for both snoot torch and strobe users. Suitable for all camera types.

Introduction to Lightroom for Underwater Photography Course

Introduction to Lightroom editing

How to bring your photos into Lightroom, how to catalogue your photos, using Lightroom to edit your photos and export them for different uses.

Integrating Lightroom and Photoshop for Underwater Photography Course

Integrating Lightroom and Photoshop

Exporting photos from Lightroom to Photoshop for basic Photoshop editing (Backscatter, correction, sharpening) and importing your images back into Lightroom.

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